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Video is the worlds most popular content. It has changed how you communicate with your audience, employees, students and community. 
You need to control your online video space

Video is ubiquitous and 71% of all people on the planet are now choosing video as their proffered source of knowledge and information. In fact 83% of the entire internet is video and it is being consumed at over 4.6 million downloads a minute. That means 71% of the people you are trying to engage with would prefer to consume your information in video media. That's why we created PPN help those who use video in their business regain control of their video space online.  A secure video environment where you control your online video business. PPN operates on the same global infrastructure that makes giants like YouTube possible so we offer content providers network level platforms where you own and control your platform. No third party overlord, no intrusive algorithms, no over restrictive monetization controls. PPN is the first Streaming Platform service to offer owner controlled video streaming platforms. Don't let your streaming service determine how you run your business - contact us. 

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