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PPN works closely with owners and entrepreneurs to help you break into the world of video. Our experts guide you through the process of building and operating what we call a channel.

What's a channel? It's your own media network. Your channel is based on your content, your style, your goals because PPN is the only platform that works for your business.

Here's how we do it:

1. We tailor a plan for your business.

Each situation is unique, so our first move is always to meet with you to understand your business. We'll work together to discover your audience, develop revenues sources, and delve into production. Then, we'll suggest custom strategies to achieve your goals and lay out a plan for you to follow.

2. We teach you to use tech.

The biggest obstacle to online businesses can be tech. Even if you've never built anything online before, there's no need to be intimidated. Our patient and experienced instructors help you become confident using the tools that make our platform work for small businesses.

3. We help you build a channel. 

Channels are the core of your online business. This is where viewers discover the magic of your videos and become an audience that generate revenue for you. You won't be on your own: PPN's brand strategists empower you to design a channel that you will be proud of.

4. We make video accessible.

Not sure how to make content? That's okay! We've assembled a team of experts who understand every step of the production process from planning, to shooting, to editing. PPN shares their knowledge with you and we connect you with our Preferred Network of skilled professionals who can help.

5. We collaborate on your marketing masterplan.

PPN shows you how to promote your content online. You'll learn to make social media work for you with the support of our team's specialists. PPN crafts advertisements for your content and provides templates you can use. We promote your content on our social media pages and include paid advertising in our plans.

6. We support you on your journey.

PPN offers unparalleled assistance. You'll enjoy one-on-one support calls with an account representative and get access to our business webinars. Our Knowledge Base provides you a foundation to build on and we'll invite you to join our communities of entrepreneurs that share experiences and connections in a true business network.

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