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PPN works closely with owners and entrepreneurs to help you break into or improve your video business online. Our experts guide you through the process of building and operating your own streaming platform/channel.

Want to own and operate your own streaming platform like a YouTube or Netflix. Now you can ! 

Customize your own own platform with your brand, subscriptions, live streaming, video on demand, advertising. Your goals , your business, your revenue and no third party interference. PPN is the only platform service that works for your business.

Here's   How   We   Do   It

1. We tailor a plan for your business needs.

Every content providers needs are unique, so our first move is always to meet with you to understand your business. We'll work together to discover who your audience is, what you provide, show you how to use our multiple revenues sources, and how to connect with your existing social platforms. 

2. We teach you to use tech.

The biggest obstacle to online video businesses can be tech. Our online interface is simple and easy to use and we give you 20 hours of training to support you. Our patient and experienced instructors walk you through our simple cut and paste system to help you become confident video business operator that takes advantage of our robust video business platform.

3. We help you build a platform. 

Customer video business platforms are the core of our online video service. This is where you can now customize an experience for your viewers. An interface suited to your revenue models. You won't be on your own: PPN's strategists will work with you to design a customer interface that is effective and and will generate revenue.

4. We collaborate on your marketing masterplan.

PPN shows you how to promote your content online. You'll learn how to make your social media and other platforms work for you. Drive your existing audiences and followers to your new owner operated platform.  We also promote your content through PPN's community network every week. 

5. We support you on your journey.

PPN offers unparalleled assistance. You'll enjoy one-on-one support calls with an account representative and get access to our business webinars. Our Learning channel provides you a reference resource to access as you need it. We also invite you to join our communities of entrepreneurs that share experiences and connections in a true business network.

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