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Not sure what the best plan for your goals is?



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Sell Content

Earn money on your content with no contract commitment.



per month


  • Build a one-time purchase, rental, or subscription

  • Be placed in PPN's content communities

  • Add a 30 second trailer

  • Announcement on PPN's social media channels

Included Data

  • No storage fees during your first 60 days

  • No streaming fees for your first 100 sales

  • No streaming fees on your trailer

  • 60-40% split on any revenue earned

Intro Platform

Intro Platform

Create and customize your own Video Platform.



per month first 3 months


  • Unlimited video uploads

  • Unlimited subscribers

  • Unlimited pages

  • Theme customization

  • Live streaming and OTT capabilities

  • Built-in payment processing

  • Advanced monetization

  • Customizable ad placement and scheduling

  • Content scheduling

  • Configurable library

  • Audience engagement suite (comments, social media sharing, website embeds)

  • 6 levels of membership and content control

  • Sub-leasable channel space

  • Monthly analytics and reports

Platform Plus

Build a fully-featured platform with unparalleled support.



per month*


​Everything in the

Intro Platform and:

Easy on-boarding

  • 8 hours of one-on-one platform training

  • 8 hours of channel setup and development

  • 8 hours of business consulting

Extensive Support

  • Monthly check-ins with a PPN business specialist

  • Invitation to business seminars and online meetups

Guaranteed Promotion

  • Paid advertising through PPN campaigns during the first three months​

  • Unique social media posts for your launch and content announcements

Access to the PPN Community

  • Use the PPN Preferred Network to find qualified video production experts in your area

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs on our Facebook community and forums

Included Data:

  • pay as you play plan

Platform Pro and Enterprise level

A scalable solution for medium-to-large organizations.


​Everything on the Platform Plus and:

Institutional Support

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Staff training

  • Institutional development

  • Video migration services

  • Platform white-labelling

and more customizations to fit your organization's needs.

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