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3 Reasons Podcasters Choose Public Place Network

You have a story to tell. A message to share. A vision to spread. As a podcaster, your voice is your power. But simply recording an episode is not enough. You need an audience. You crave connection. You want to build a loyal tribe of listeners who hang on your every word.

This is why content creators turn to the most popular viewer sites to spread your brand and your narrative. The larger search engines favor the traditional sites and you have to have a presence there to capture and drive audiences to your content. The issues for you start when you try to generate revenue, monetize your content in as many ways as you can. The larger social streaming platforms were never originally developed as video business platforms. They were developed as social exchange platforms that have now readily adapted the use of video because audiences are demanding it. In fact 83% of the internet is now video and 71% of all audiences choose video as their preferred form of media to consume information. What content providers now need is a platform they can drive their audiences to, a platform they can customize to their monetization needs. The Public Place Network is such a platform.

Smart content creators use social platforms to build their audiences and then drive those loyal fans to an owner operated business platform where the content creator can offer all their products. A place where your business can grow economically. PPN’s innovative tools support your audience engagement, product and service discovery. You can white label all your other platforms or social sites and create a fully integrated story world for your followers. Powerful analytics reveal who's listening, for how long, and from where so you can optimize your content. Streaming from your own PPN platform means your podcast can be posted on any popular platform and is available whenever and wherever your listeners want it.

3 Reasons Podcasters Choose Public Place Network

Public Place Network Offers Customizable Platforms for Podcasters

If you're ready to take your podcast to the next level, look no further than The Public Place Network. PPN provides fully customizable platforms that put you in the driver's seat. Imagine owning your own YouTube or Netflix, configured exactly how you want, with the features and monetization options you need to build a real business.

With PPN, you get:

  • Complete control. Operate your own secure streaming network and control security, privacy, analytics, branding, ads, sponsorships, and audience interaction.

  • Customizable platforms. Create multiple channels for yourself or lease to other individuals and organizations. Offer live streaming, video on demand, social media integration, subscription options, ad space, learning systems, and more.

  • Uploading and sharing. Your community can upload and share directly to your library. Content is available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Global infrastructure. PPN platforms are built on the same infrastructure as global video platforms. You get enterprise-level technology with the freedom of an independent platform.

The video streaming industry is exploding, 106 billion dollars in 2022 and over 80% of internet traffic is video. PPN gives you the opportunity to tap into this massive market and own your share of the pie.

With statistics like over 52% of US adults subscribing to multiple streaming services and the average person consuming over 5 hours of video per day, the potential reach and impact of your own platform is huge. PPN provides the technology and support to make your video business vision a reality. What would your ideal streaming platform look like? The possibilities are endless. Contact PPN today and discover how easy it can be to start your own online video empire.

Monetize Your Podcast Content on Your Own Terms

Have you built an audience through social and traditional streaming services? Have your podcasts struggled to generate revenue? Public Place Network is the platform that finally gives podcasters like you the power to monetize your content the way you want. Turn all the hard work you have done into revenue. Use your current social and traditional streaming services as portals to continue to attract and drive your audience to your own streaming platform.

PPN provides you with your very own, custom streaming platform to distribute your podcasts and other video content. This means total control over your brand, audience experience, privacy, security, and revenue streams. No more relying on traditional social platforms and their restrictive rules.

Through PPN, the possibilities to profit from your content are endless. You can:

  • Sell video ads and sponsorships directly to advertisers on your own terms.

  • Offer viewer subscriptions and pay-per-view access to premium content.

  • Lease or sell sub-channels to other creators and businesses.

  • Continue to promote your products and services and keep the lion share of the profits through the built-in e-commerce system.

The team at PPN has built powerful video streaming technology and wants to share it with independent creators like you. They believe that streaming platforms should benefit those who generate the content, not big tech companies.

No more waiting to qualify to make a small share of the money generated by your work. No more giving away the majority of revenue to a corporate middleman. Public Place Network returns the power and profits to podcasters and video creators. Build your video business on your terms with PPN. The future of streaming is here—and it’s yours to shape.

Retain Full Ownership and Control Over Your Podcast Channel

When you choose Public Place Network as your streaming platform, you'll gain complete control over your podcast platform and the IP remains yours. No longer will you be at the mercy of big tech companies constantly changing algorithms and rules. You'll be the master of your own domain, with the power to build your video business exactly as you envision.

On PPN, you own your content, your data, your audience. You control how your platform looks, the features it offers, even how it's monetized. PPN provides cutting-edge tools so you can customize everything to align with your brand and business goals. Want to run ads? Enable subscriptions? Create learning courses? The possibilities are endless.

PPN's infrastructure operates at the same network level as YouTube or Netflix, but now that power is in your hands. Harness it to engage your viewers in new ways. Go live anytime. Upload content on your schedule. Interact with fans directly. PPN gives you the freedom and flexibility to strengthen your connection to your audience.

While other platforms constantly change the rules in ways that hurt creators, PPN puts you and your success first. They believe that streaming technology should empower content creators, not limit them. Regain your independence and unleash your creativity. Build the channel you've always dreamed of with PPN.

The age of the algorithm is over. The age of the creator has begun. Choose PPN and take control of your destiny. Craft an unparalleled viewing experience for your fans and open new doors to growth and monetization. Seize this opportunity to shape your channel on your terms. The power is yours!

Get Dedicated Support to Help Your Podcast Thrive

With Public Place Network, you’ll have an entire team dedicated to helping your podcast thrive. Our platform specialists are focused on empowering you and ensuring your success. They provide hands-on support to help you build and grow your video business.

Imagine having your very own customized platform filled with features designed specifically for your needs. A place where you have full control and ownership over your content, audience, and revenue. Where you can freely spread your message without limits or barriers.

PPN makes this vision a reality. We build flexible, feature-rich platforms that put you in the driver’s seat. Our expert team helps you customize your platform to achieve your goals and supports you every step of the way. They help you:

  • Design your ideal platform. We work with you to determine how to best showcase your content, engage your audience, and generate revenue. The result is a customized platform that meets your exact needs.

  • Learn the technology. Even if you have zero experience with online video, live streaming or building an online business, our specialists will teach you everything you need to know to run your platform successfully.

  • Promote your platform. Our team helps you with digital marketing strategies to utilize your current social marketing efforts to better drive and attract new audiences to your new business platform.

  • Analyze and optimize. We provide in-depth analytics and insights to help you better understand your audience and make data-driven decisions to improve growth and revenue.

  • Solve any issues. If you encounter a technical problem or have a question about your platform, our support team is there to help resolve it quickly so you can focus on creating great content.

With Public Place Network behind you, you'll have everything you need to build a thriving video business. Our platforms and dedicated support empower you to spread your message, engage your community, and achieve your goals. The future of your podcast is bright when you choose PPN.

Let Your Voice Sound in Every Corner of The World

You've seen the reasons why Public Place Network is the new alternative choice for successful podcasters around the world. Picture the revenue opportunities that will open up as your show is promoted and run on your own customized streaming platform. All the tools and support you need are here. So what are you waiting for? Join the Public Place Network today and become the podcaster who controls their business.

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