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Forget Posting for Free with Limited Rewards: Monetize Your Videos With a Private Video Network

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

You've spent hours honing your craft and building an audience with your engaging video content. Yet despite racking up millions of views, you've made pennies from traditional revenue-sharing models. It's time to take back control of your content and reap the full rewards of your creativity.

There's a better way to monetize your videos that gives you more creative freedom and a bigger piece of the pie. Private video networks like PPN are the secret weapon that savvy video creators are using to build their own video streaming businesses. By uploading your content to PPN, you keep ownership of your videos and connect directly with your fans. Viewers can pay for VOD, live streams, subscriptions or a series of videos at once. You decide. You can set your own product offers and rates. Run your own ads, and keep a much higher percentage of the revenue.

A PPN offers you true independence and the potential for life-changing payouts from doing what you love. Stop giving your content away for free and start reaping the full benefits of your talent. Take control of your destiny and monetize on your own terms with a private video network. The power - and the profits - are in your hands.

Forget Posting for Free with Limited Rewards: How to Monetize Your Videos With a Private Video Network

Issues With Other Video Platforms

You've spent hours creating amazing video content, but the monetization policies leave you with pennies - if you're lucky enough to qualify at all. As a creator, you deserve to earn potential revenue immediately. It's time to take back control of your content and get paid what you're really worth.

With a private video network like PPN, you can finally earn a meaningful income from your videos.

On a PPN owner-operated video platform, you earn revenue directly from:

  • Channel sponsorships and brand deals

  • Subscriber fees

  • Selling your videos on demand or live streams

  • Sub-lease channels to other like-minded creators

  • Sell Ads you control and earn the majority of revenue from

The possibilities are endless when you build your own customized video platform. You can even offer other creators the opportunity to launch their own channels for a revenue share. The more content and channels you have, the more leverage you gain to negotiate higher payouts across the board.

Stop waiting for minimum subscriptions or validated watch hours to determine your value. With a private video network like PPN, you finally get paid as an independent business owner. Take control of your content, grow your audience on your terms, and earn revenue that's yours to keep. The power is in your hands. What are you waiting for? Build your video empire today!

What Is a Private Video Network?

The Public Place Network (PPN) is a service that provides content creators the opportunity to build their own video platforms to distribute and monetize their content.

What Can You Do With PPN?

The possibilities are endless! You can:

  • Offer video on demand, live streaming, links to social media, attach documents to videos, subscriptions, sell AD space, sell sub-channels

  • Control of analytics, story, brand, audience engagement

  • Create sophisticated learning management systems

  • Own private video libraries with customizable search engines

  • Allow your users to join private video playlists

  • Your community can upload directly to your private library

  • Generation revenue from – VOD, live streams, subscriptions, video packages, AD banner carousels, Pre-roll Advertising on videos, selling merchandise, lease sub-channels, single video content panels or sliders of videos

The best part is, with PPN you own your platform and keep the majority of the revenue. If you’re ready to stop building someone else’s platform and start monetizing on your own. PPN could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Benefits of Using a Private Video Network for Your Business

Access a Targeted Audience

A private video network allows you to reach viewers who are actively searching for your content. Unlike other platforms where your content is just part of a very large general collection of videos, on a private network your work is already siloed for you with easy search legends for Consumers to find you within a couple of clicks. If they know your handle they can go directly through a Google search or your address. You can also have them create home page icons right on their phones for return visits. This also means your advertisers have access to your targeted demographic.

Control Your Loyal Fanbase

On mainstream platforms, viewers stumble upon your content by chance or through selections on a Google search. But on a private platform like PPN, google searches show your platform, and people can go directly to your exclusive platform immediately. New and current subscribers are not lost down third-party rabbit holes. They become devoted fans who eagerly await your latest uploads. They can easily create home page icons right on their phones for return visits. Engage with your viewers by responding to their comments and messages. Make them feel like VIPs, and they’ll keep coming back.

Monetize Your Content

While existing partner programs are notoriously hard to get into, a private platform like PPN offers multiple ways to generate revenue right from the start. It's your business you decide:

  • Enable ads on your videos with auto-advertising campaign controls. Giving you the flexibility to develop your own advertising cost plans. As your viewership grows, so will your ad revenue.

  • Offer free video content to bring new viewers into your world then offer premium content for subscribers willing to pay a monthly fee. This could be exclusive videos, live streams, series, or behind-the-scenes access. Your business platform you decide.

  • Promote sponsored products or services that genuinely match your audience and content. Viewers will appreciate recommendations from a trusted source.

  • Sell your own merchandise. A PPN provides the perfect platform to build an audience, gain their trust, and promote what you have to offer. You can white-label any of your other marketing platforms.

  • Crowdfund new projects or content creation on the network. Loyal fans will be eager to support you in exchange for amazing perks.

The possibilities are endless. PPN offers fully customizable video business platforms. While competition may be fierce on major platforms, a private video network like PPN hands you the keys to build your own digital media empire. Take advantage of this opportunity and start reaping the rewards of your creativity. The future is yours for the taking!

Types of Video Monetization Available on a Private Network

Types of Monetization: The Sky’s the Limit

With a private video network like PPN, the potential to generate revenue from your content is endless. Forget the restrictive partner plans and controls you chase for pennies on public forums—you now have the freedom and control to build a real business around your videos.

  • Sponsorships: Strike deals with brands who want to sponsor your channel or specific videos. Negotiate contracts for product placement, shoutouts, dedicated videos, and more. The bigger your audience, the more you can command.

  • Subscriptions: Charge viewers a monthly fee for access to your content. Offer different subscription tiers with varying perks. Subscriptions provide predictable, recurring income.

  • Pay-per-view: Upload content, both live and on-demand, that people have to pay to access. This works well for things like live events, classes, and tutorials. You set the price and keep the majority of the revenue.

  • Licensing and distribution: PPN offers you opportunities to license your videos to third parties like traditional streaming networks. They pay an upfront fee to use and distribute your content on their platforms. Your videos gain more exposure, and you gain more money in your pocket.

  • Merchandising: Sell branded merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and more to your loyal viewers. PPN’s E-commerce system is built right in and customizable to your needs. You can also white-label your other online stores. Your fans get a one-stop shop on their favorite channel, and you get a share of the profits.

The possibilities are endless when you have full control and ownership over your content on a private video network. The sky’s the limit when it comes to monetizing your videos and building a sustainable business. Apply now to start earning what you deserve!

How to Get Started on The Public Place Network

It's time to stop relying on public video platforms to run your online video business. Use them to your advantage to drive audiences to a platform where you have control of all revenue and audiences. Own your own private video network (PPN). This is how to get started.

Gather Your Content

Dig through your archives and pull together your best long-form videos, live streams, shorts, and clips. Contact PPN and have a look at all the possible customized platforms you can build to suit your business needs and audience. The more great content you have, the greater the possibilities and the more you can earn.

Build Your Video Business Platform

Work with our team to create a customized video business online that represents your brand. Choose a name, upload your videos, and design the look - it's all up to you. Your PPN platform is your space to engage viewers, sell products, promote your business, and generate revenue from multiple streams.

Promote Your Channel

Leverage PPN's global streaming network to reach viewers across the world. Keep your current social media channels and use them to drive your existing audiences to your new business platform. You can now promote your business using social media, email marketing, influencer collaborations, and more to your advantage.

Keep Creating

To maximize your earnings, keep producing great content for your PPN platform. Release new videos, live streams, and shorts on a consistent schedule to keep viewers engaged. Stop posting for free with minimal opportunities for revenue. Build your own private video network and finally get paid what you deserve. Apply now to get started - your audience and fortune await!

Start Profiting From Your Videos Today

You've built your audience and honed your craft, and now you're ready to take the next step. Own and operate your own video business platform. You're an influencer, content creator, storyteller, and video business operator and now it's time to act like one. Launch your own private video network, open up an ongoing conversation with your fans, and provide premium content. Watch your income soar. Think big - you could earn more in a month from a private network than in a year on a public forum. Your content and your audience deserve so much more. Isn't it time you gave them the exclusive access they crave while securing your financial future as a creator? If you have the drive and vision, the possibilities are endless. Build your network and never look back. The future is yours for the taking! Seize it.

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