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How PPN Became the Leading Private Video Platform for Business

PPN has become the leading video platform for business. Companies are now using PPN to effortlessly create their own private video platforms with the same reach and robust global architecture as YouTube or Netflix. With PPN’s innovative tools, video templates, and collaborative community, any online video business can start taking advantage of the enormous power and economic benefits of the video streaming industry to connect with customers, create new revenue and take advantage of this 105 Billion dollar industry.

PPN makes video online business accessible. Their platform service software is intuitive enough for anyone to use but robust enough to support your creative vision. And with flexible pricing, PPN fits any budget. Video is now 83% of all content on the internet and being consumed at over 4.6 million downloads a minute. There is only one fully integrated video business solution. PPN is leading the way. The question is, are you ready to unleash the power of video to transform your business?

How PPN Became the Leading Video Platform for Business

What Is PPN and How Is It Different Than Other Video Platforms?

PPN is the leading video business platform putting small businesses and creators first. We're not just another host: we're a customizable home for your video content and video online business.

Unmatched Creative Freedom

You're in control. No algorithms dictate your destiny, viewer engagement or corporate policies restrict your business growth. At PPN, you call the shots. Build the online video platform model that works for your business and connect with real audiences on your terms.

A Network of Possibilities

The opportunities are endless. Multiple revenue streams, global platform-level technology, expert guidance, complete platform control, flexible monetization features, customizable search engines, private video libraries, customizable user lists and 6 adjustable levels of secure encryptions—we provide everything you need to succeed. And with PPN's collaborative community, you'll never work alone. Support, skills development and representation: our network of independent owners help each other plan, produce and market content.

Own Your Content, Own Your Business

PPN believes creators should maintain their IP rights and control of how they make revenue from their content. No predatory practices. No trapdoors. Just a meaningful alternative that puts the content creator first.

Radical changes were needed to transform online video into a sustainable business model for creators. PPN delivers an innovative, owner-operated digital network where small businesses can build, and audiences can engage with, the content they really want.

The video creator economy is booming but most creators see little of the benefit. It's time for a platform that champions the underdogs, provides what established players lack, and helps hardworking creators achieve the success they deserve. Our mission is your success. Welcome to the content revolution. This is PPN.

The Benefits of Using PPN for Your Business Video Content

When it comes to the online video business, PPN is in a league of its own. This innovative, owner-operated digital network is revolutionizing how small businesses leverage the power of video.

Unparalleled Creative Freedom

PPN puts you, the business owner, in the driver's seat. You maintain full control and ownership over your content, platform, and revenue streams. No algorithms manipulating what viewers see or corporate policies dictating how you operate or extremely limited qualification requirements to finally start making money from your content. Just a customizable platform and real people dedicated to helping you achieve your vision.

A Community that Cares

While operating independently, you're never alone. PPN connects you to a network of like-minded owners, collaborators, and mentors. Share ideas, cross-promote, co-create, and tap into a wealth of experience - all focused on taking your video business to the next level.

Revenue Your Way

Monetize how and when you want with PPN. Enable ads, subscriptions, video sales, product placement, sponsorships, even sublease channels to like minded creators. Reach audiences directly through the PPN network and keep a higher share of revenue. Why limit yourself to a single income stream when you can build a diversified business model tailored to your needs?

A New Era of Possibility

PPN is pioneering an online video business service where creators are in control and success is redefined. An era where skills and talent determine earning potential, not algorithms. Where authentic connections are made and communities form organically. This is the future of online video, and your business can be at the forefront of this digital frontier.

The power is in your hands. Are you ready to start your journey with PPN? The opportunities are endless. Together, let's build something extraordinary.

PPN Puts Creators in Control With No Algorithms or Corporate Interests

PPN is the online video business platform service that puts you, the creator, in the driver’s seat—no more wrestling with restrictive algorithms or kowtowing to corporate interests. At PPN, we believe the video streaming industry needs to be democratized and creators should be in full control of their content and revenue. We built a video platform streaming service to make that vision a reality.

With PPN, you call the shots. Want to run ads on your videos? Go for it. Prefer sponsorships or product placements? We support that too. Memberships, subscriptions, licensing, events—the possibilities are endless. Monetize however you see fit. Unlike other platforms that limit you to a single revenue stream and take a hefty cut of your earnings, if you even qualify. PPN provides boundless opportunities and lets you keep the lion's share of what you earn.

Tired of fighting for views and scrambling to build an audience from scratch? Or are you doing all the marketing work to drive your audiences to platforms who end up controlling them and your revenue potential? At PPN, we believe you should keep all your social platforms but now use them to your advantage. Drive those same audiences to your own exclusive streaming platform. Use your marketing posts to direct and drive audiences to a platform where you are in control. You’ll join a network of fellow creators eager to cross-promote, collaborate, and lift each other up. Our tight-knit community of video entrepreneurs is always ready to offer guidance, share skills, and help take your business to the next level.

Gain complete control of your content and video platform. PNN is not a place where you are just getting a sub-channel or digital space on a monstrous platform with millions of videos. PPN.s creators operate their own network level platforms. No more worrying about videos being taken down arbitrarily or accounts being banned without cause. At PPN, you maintain full ownership of your platform and your work. Distribute your content wherever and however you choose.

Want to earn a living from your passion? PPN provides the technology, tools, and support to help make your video business dreams a reality. Join the platform where creators come first. Sign up today—your success story starts now!

Customizable Features That Help You Build Your Video Business

PPN puts the power in your hands to build a thriving online video business. As an independent creator, you have complete control and flexibility over your content and revenue.

Customize Your Platform

Design a streaming platform that seamlessly white labels into a website, reflecting your brand and business model. Add logos, color schemes, layouts and more. Build custom playlists, upload your own video thumbnail images and include advertising exactly where you want it.

Keep What You Earn

Forget restrictive monetization rules. On PPN, you keep the lion’s share of revenue from ads, videos, live streams, product placement, sponsorships, fan funding, and whatever new models you create. Set your own subscription rates, bundle different content offerings, and test out innovative ways to generate income with your audiences.

Reach Your Real Fans

Stop hoping pre-set algorithms will direct audiences to your content. Take control of your online marketing channels and drive your audiences to your own video business store front. You can even offer select fans the opportunity to upload directly to your platform to participate in special events, contests, etc.

Learn from the Experts

PPN’s creator community shares knowledge, collaborates, and helps each other succeed. Get guidance on best practices for production, marketing, monetization, and more from experienced video entrepreneurs and digital strategists. Build your skills through interactive workshops, ask questions, and find mentors and collaborators.

PPN hands you the keys to build your own video business your way. Take control of your content, engage your true fans, and earn what you deserve. The possibilities are endless when you have the power to shape your own success. Join the revolution redefining what it means to be an online creator. The future is independent - and it starts today with PPN.

Real Support From a Team Dedicated to Your Success on PPN

You’ve spent years honing your craft and building your audience. Now is the time to take your video business to the next level. On PPN, the sky's the limit.

A Platform Built For Your Success

At PPN, we believe that creators should be in control of their destiny. That’s why we’ve designed a streaming platform service that puts your business first. Unlike other networks that restrict revenue and audience growth, PPN gives you complete control and flexibility.

Write your own rules. Choose how you distribute, monetize and market your content. No more being forced into a one-size-fits-all model or qualifying to share in revenue, that doesn’t match your needs. Build the business you want.

Reach audiences on your terms. Forget algorithms and viewer minimum restrictions. PPN’s platform connects you directly with the viewership you have developed, Viewers who have engaged with you through your social media channels and support your work. Real people, real connections, real growth.

Tap into multiple revenue streams. Diversify and maximize your income through platform-channel memberships, sponsorships, product placement, live events, VOD and more. PPN’s open business model means you can earn money in ways other platforms don’t allow.

Learn from the best. Surround yourself with a community of creators succeeding on their own terms. Collaborate, gain insights, and get guidance from experts dedicated to empowering your independence and prosperity.

The future of online video is wide open and growing exponentially - 105 billion dollar industry in 2022. Seize this opportunity to build a sustainable business that taps into your full creative and entrepreneurial potential. PPN provides the video streaming platform service, support, and community to make your vision a reality. Take control of your destiny today! The power is in your hands.

Stop Just Making Videos, Start Making Money From It

You now know the power of video and what PPN can do for your video business. Our innovative features and dedication to small video businesses have fueled success for so many and the results speak for themselves. What are you waiting for? It's your turn to tap into the potential of video and see how far it can take you. The future is visual and it's happening now. Join the revolution and get your business in front of more people with a bigger impact than ever before. Become another PPN success story. Our video business platform is here, the tools are here, the audience is here - all you need to do is take that leap of faith, push the record button and make your vision come to life. Stop dreaming and start filming - your business is ready for its close-up! The spotlight is all yours.

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