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Video Streaming Networks: Why They’re Taking Over

Video streaming platforms are the new frontier, these platforms (called OTT’ Over the Top Networks) have revolutionized how we discover and consume video. They are the virtual campfires where people gather to be entertained, learn, and bond over shared interests. For creators, streaming networks represent a direct line to viewers. Here, you can cultivate your own community and following, build your brand, and potentially even earn revenue from your work.

The major players have over 2 billion monthly users combined. They are where people flock to binge the latest viral clips, catch up on their favorite shows, and discover hidden gems. These platforms have facilitated the rise of  a video from obscurity to overnight success. Social media pushes the viewers and these platforms over the streaming service.  

Video Streaming Networks: Why They’re Taking Over

The Rise of Video Streaming Networks

The age of video is here, and streaming networks are leading the revolution. As a content creator, you have the power to build your own digital empire and reach viewers around the globe.

With a private streaming platform, you're in control. You can upload and monetize your videos, live streams, podcasts, sell advertising and more all on your own branded platform. Viewers can subscribe to your content and receive notifications as soon as you publish new material. No longer do you have to rely on social media controlled algorithms or hope people stumble upon your videos. Build your audience as you know how too, strengthen your connection to viewers, and control your revenue streams.

The possibilities are endless. Do you want to offer exclusive content to paid subscribers? Livestream interactive events? Sell advertising on your channel? Private owner controlled streaming networks provide powerful tools to help you achieve your vision.

The video streaming revolution is here to stay. Don't get left behind - take back control of your content and start building your video business today with the power of an owner operated streaming platform. The future is wide open, and the viewers are waiting. What are you waiting for? Seize this opportunity and start creating!

Benefits of Using a Private Video Streaming Network

As a content creator, using a private video streaming network is one of the smartest moves you can make. 

Global Reach

Streaming networks of course can distribute your content worldwide, expanding your viewership exponentially. No longer will you be constrained by geographic borders or time zones. Your videos can be discovered and enjoyed 24/7 by people across the globe. A private streaming platform gives you control over the enormous power and economic benefits of this technology.

Monetization Options

While some networks allow you to eventually access a portion of the ad revenues from your content. Some even allow you to offer sponsorships or subscriptions. An owner operated platform on a network like  PPN,  provides even more ways to generate revenue. With an owner operated platform on the right network, you'll have access to features like pay-per-view live streams, member areas, ad revenue options, subscriptions, product integration and affiliate programs. The potential to turn your passion into a profitable business is much greater.

When you partner with a global private video streaming network, you open yourself up to a world of opportunity. Take your content to the next level and realize your full potential as a creator/provider. The enormous economic benefits of online video streaming is massive. So take advantage of the technology and everything it has to offer today. Success is out there waiting for you; now go and get it!

Why Video Streaming Networks Are Successful

Video streaming networks are dominating because 83% of the entire internet is video and 71% of the global population turn to video as their preferred source of information and entertainment. Give viewers what they want: convenience and control.

On-Demand Viewing

Viewers can watch what they want, when they want. No more being stuck to a TV schedule or having to set the DVR. Streaming networks (OTTs) have given viewers the freedom to choose from a huge library of shows and movies at any time.

Original Content

Streaming networks are creating must-see original shows and films. They are investing heavily in high-quality content to attract new subscribers and keep current ones. Shows like The Crown, Stranger Things and Bird Box have become pop culture sensations, driving more viewers to sign up.

Personalized Experience

Current social based streaming networks use viewer data to suggest content to viewers and to drive ad dollars based on their business model. With a private streaming network you are in control of your viewers, analytics and advertising dollars. You monitor your viewers habits, the more they watch, the better you adjust your content to match. Viewers can even create profiles, upload content directly to you for user events, the options are endless and you get to create experiences tailored to their tastes.

Low Cost

For a small monthly fee, subscribers get access to your catalog of content through customized search engines. Compared to the cost of cable, most streaming networks can offer a budget-friendly option for entertainment. The low cost and no long-term contract commitments have attracted cord-cutters and budget-conscious viewers.

Video streaming networks have revolutionized how we consume media. By owning and operating your own platform you can focus on giving viewers an incredible experience, networks have built loyal audiences and seen meteoric success. For content creators in the video business, private streaming networks offer new opportunities to reach audiences in an engaging way. The future is streaming.

Features to Look for in a Video Streaming Network

When choosing a video streaming network, look for the features that will benefit you, your business model and your audience the most.


Look for a platform that lets you customize the look and feel to match your brand. The ability to add your logo, choose a template that fits your style, and match your brand's color palette will make your channel feel high-quality and professional. The option to white label and link to the other platforms (website ) you currently run. If you have followers can you use the social platforms you have to drive your audiences to your streaming platform.


For video creators and businesses, making money from your content is key. Seek out a network that offers multiple monetization options like AD space, pre-roll video ads, leasing of sub channel sponsorships, paid subscriptions, built in paywalls, reasonable service fees and more. The more ways they give you to support your business success the more potential there is for your business to grow.


In-depth analytics are invaluable for improving your content and viewer experience. Look for a network that provides stats on things like views, watch time, audience demographics, traffic sources, and more. Use these insights to better understand your audience and what they enjoy watching.


Choose a platform that makes it easy to distribute your content across devices and platforms. Networks that are compatible with mobile devices and desktop browsers will give you the widest reach. Look for options to utilize embed codes for your videos so you can auto load them to your website or social media channels.

Uploading and Encoding

For a seamless experience, select a network with an intuitive interface for uploading and managing your videos. Fast video processing, automatic thumbnail creation, and options to add details like video descriptions will save you time. Encoding your videos into multiple formats to optimize playback on any device is also ideal.

The features you choose will depend on your specific needs and goals. But with the right video streaming network behind you, the possibilities for growth and success are endless. Think big—your perfect platform is out there!

Start Streaming Today!

So take a chance and dive into the world of streaming video. The potential rewards for your business or creative endeavors are huge. Build an audience, spread your message, make meaningful connections - the possibilities are endless. While the technology and options may seem overwhelming, start simple. Pick a platform that will service your business plans, learn the basics, and just begin. You have a story to tell and people who want to hear it. Don't let fear or uncertainty hold you back from sharing your vision with the world. The future is streaming video, and the future is now. Take that first step and join the movement. You won't regret it.

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