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The Truth About Video Monetization Criteria (And How to Really Make Money)

Forget about the myths and lies. You've been told you need thousands of views and subscribers to even apply to make money from your videos. The truth is you can start earning today, regardless of your channel size or niche. Stop waiting to meet some arbitrary criteria for monetization and take control of your earning potential now.

You pour your heart and soul into creating amazing video content that provides value to your viewers. Why let a third party determine when you can be compensated for your work? You don't need anyone's permission to make money from the content you produce.

The secret the big gurus don't want you to know is that you can monetize immediately using private video streaming networks like PPN. You set your video rates and get paid, so sell your own ad space and get paid, you determine subscription rates and get paid all on your own platform. No more waiting for viewership minimum to get payment from ads, no more gatekeeping. Just you, your content, and audiences eager to consume your content. 

You have the power to earn money from your videos today. The truth will set your channel free.

The Truth About Video Monetization Criteria (And How to Really Make Money)

The Problem With Relying on Video Monetization Criteria

Forget the lies you've been told: video monetization criteria doesn't matter. The big platforms dangle the promise of ad revenue sharing to keep you producing content for them, but in reality, their strict criteria means delays in your success and most often you'll likely never see a dime.

Don't waste time chasing their arbitrary targets. View counts, likes, shares—none of these translate to real money in your pocket. Thousands of views and a high engagement rate should feel good, but platforms pocket the profits while tossing you crumbs.

Instead of playing their game, build your own platform. Use your social channels as marketing tools to drive your audiences to your video business platform. Take control of your content and revenue. With customized platforms, you call the shots. Set your own monetization criteria and keep the profits.

Run your platform your way. Upload and monetize podcasts, live streams, videos, and more. Sell advertising and sponsorships. Even sell additional content and sub-channels to superfans.

Owning your platform means total creative freedom and control. No more relying on the whims of big tech companies. You build your audience, you set your terms, and you reap the rewards.

The truth is, you don't need anyone's permission or follow anyone’s criteria to make money from your content. You have the power and the tools. Take your future into your own hands and start building your video business the right way—your way. The profits will follow.

Why Ad Revenue Should Not Be Your Main Focus

Forget the hype around monetizing your videos through ads only. The truth is, ad revenue should not be your main focus. Here's why:

Ad rates are declining

Advertisers just aren't paying as much for ads these days. Competition is fierce and audiences are increasingly tuning ads out. According to industry reports, ad rates declined over 25% last year alone. At this rate, you'll be making pennies per view in no time.

Ad’s are rarely accurately targeted to the right demographic surrounding the content. A private video channel means you have a very clear and specific demographic of viewers that advertisers can count on. As a result, they will be more likely to see the benefits of their ad placements on your platform rather than being dropped into a sea of content. 

Be careful You may be giving up control

On large social platforms when you monetize through ads, you hand over control of your content to advertisers and their algorithms. They decide which ads run on your videos and when. And if they don't like your content for any reason, they can pull their ads - and your revenue source.

There are better options

Make ads part of a larger monetization strategy. Use your videos to build your audience and your platform. Promote all other monetization options and strategies creating a higher earning potential, like:

  • Selling your own products or services

  • Selling live streams

  • Selling packages of videos or premium content

  • Offer competitions where fans can upload content directly to your private library

  • Sell sub channel space to like minded content creators

  • Create custom ad campaigns with pre-roll ads, banner ad space on your platform

  • Raise money for video projects through crowdfunding on your site

  • Even License your content to other media companies

With your own platform you create the business model, the possibilities are endless. Focus on growing your viewership, strengthen your connection with fans, building your video business and monetize in ways that let you stay in control. Ads are only a part of the bigger revenue picture, not your end goal.

Alternatives for Monetizing Your Video Content

Partner with brands through product placement and sponsorships

Brands are always looking for ways to get in front of audiences, and sponsoring influencer content is an effective form of native advertising for them. As an influencer, you can charge brands to subtly feature their products in your videos or to directly sponsor a video. Product placement and sponsorships are a win-win, allowing you to make money from your content while providing value to your viewers. With your own platform, you now have full control of this aspect of your business through the specific audience demographic you have developed. 

License your content

You can license your video content to third parties for them to use on their own platforms. This includes licensing to media companies, brands, traditional media platforms, or even other YouTube influencers. Licensing is an easy way to generate passive income from content you've already created. Find a platform that allows others to access your content through exclusive user lists.

Take control of your content’s money making potential.The power is in your hands!

How Platforms Like PPN Allow You to Monetize on Your Terms

The truth is, if you want to make real money from your videos, you need to stop worrying so much about reaching someone else's predetermined monetization criteria and start focusing on building your own monetization strategy

Forget counting views, likes and shares. Stop stressing over watch time and audience retention. Most platforms don’t care about your business or your bottom line—they only care about keeping people on their platforms.

Instead, take control of your video business by utilizing platforms like PPN that put content creators first. PPN allows you to earn revenue on your own terms by building customized monetization strategies tailored to your unique audience and business goals.

On PPN, you have the freedom and flexibility to:

  • Monetize your videos with Ads through customized pre-roll, ad banner and ad space campaigns you create for your advertisers or sponsors. 

  • Create subscription programs, with full control over pricing and benefits. Build real, direct relationships with your most engaged viewers.

  • Sell additional products and services to your audience, behind-the-scenes premium content, online courses, live events and so much more.

  • Live stream when you want across the globe

  • Create sub channel space to lease, for similar content providers or brand sponsors

The truth is, if you want to turn your passion for creating videos into a profitable business, you need to take back control of your monetization and business strategies. Stop chasing platforms and start building your own customized monetization strategy on a PPN platform. Stop counting pennies from ads and start earning dollars through direct relationships with your viewers.

Take your video business to the next level. Monetize on your own terms with PPN.

Tips for Building a Profitable Video Business Without Chasing CPMs

Stop chasing those CPM pennies and build a real video business. The truth is, you don’t need millions of views or subscribers to start making serious money from your videos. If you only have 1000 subscribers at $5.00 a month you are already earning $5000/month from early adopters. That is only one revenue stream available to you. Add in live streams, ad revenue, course revenue, sub leases and so much more and it doesn’t take long to be earning serious revenue. With the right monetization strategy, you can profit from even a small, engaged audience.

Build Your Own Platform

Don’t rely on someone else’s platform that can change its policies at any time. Create your own video platform where you control the rules, monetization and own all the data. With a self-hosted platform, you can implement any monetization strategy you want without worrying about violating terms of service. You have full control and flexibility.

Sell Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the key to recurring revenue and a sustainable business model. On your own platform, you can offer paid monthly or yearly subscriptions to your content. Give subscribers access to exclusive, premium videos, live streams and other perks. Bundle different subscription tiers at different price points. Subscriptions give you a predictable income stream and a loyal customer base.

Sell Ads and Sponsorships

Now that you have your own platform and have a verifiable, dedicated viewership, you can broker your own advertising and sponsorship deals. Work directly with brands to promote their products to your audience. You set the rates and campaign parameters. 

Sell Products and Services

The video content you’re creating probably revolves around a topic you’re knowledgeable or passionate about. Leverage that expertise to sell related products, online courses, consulting or other services. Promote them to your viewers and subscribers. Your platform gives you a built-in sales channel with an audience that already knows, likes and trusts you.

Make Money With Video

You have the power to take control of your content and start earning from your hard work. Forget chasing the shifting sands of a platform with strict monetization criteria. You don't need their approval or algorithms to determine your success. Partner with a company that will help you build a business around the value you provide to viewers and advertisers. Stop waiting for permission to earn a living and take your destiny into your own hands. The opportunity is there if you have the courage to seize it. Believe in yourself and bet on your own success. You have nothing to lose and financial freedom to gain. The only real criteria that matters is making content people care about. Now go out there and get what you deserve!

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